Nylon mesh

  Nylon mesh, also known as nylon net, nylon filter mesh, nylon mesh cloth, it' s widely used in filter industry. 
Specification:  main in white
Color:  40-60 g/m2
Width:  100cm, 127cm as normal or other customized size


Non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, high strength, high elongation, good elasticity. 
With high toughness, good elasticity, resistance to weak acid, oil resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics,
it also has good insulation, low lubricating coefficient characteristics. Its application range is very widely.
Liquid filtration, powder filtration, oil, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical industry,
paint, ink, oil products filtration, alcohol filter, paint filter, dye filters, resin, monosodium glutamate, fisheries, impurities filtration, food and other industrial mesh and filter, application range is very widely.

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