Insect proofing net

Material: high density polyethylene filament
Mesh number:  30 mesh ,40meshg,50mesh,60 mesh
Grammage:  40-60 g/m2
Width:  1 meter, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters, can also be customized large area insect net, the width can be up to 10 meters above.
Color: Mainly in white, other colors can be customized.
Supply Ability:  200 Tons per Month
use:  mainly used for Chinese cabbage, leek, cucumber, eggplant, tomato and other vegetables, to prevent aphids, whitefly and other pests on vegetables.


Aging resistance  
Corrosion resistance  
Strong tensile resistance  
Heat resistance  
Water resistance  
Ventilation and light transmission  













20  MESH







1, Can effectively insect control, cover insect control net, basically can be exempt from a variety of pests such as cabbage insects, plutella xyloides, aphids.

2, Can prevent disease, virus transmission will bring disastrous consequences to greenhouse greenhouse planting, especially aphid transmission.But the greenhouse greenhouse installed insect nets cut off the transmission of pests, greatly reducing the incidence of viral diseases.
3, Adjust the temperature, Mark Twain, and humidity, in the hot summer, with white insect nets cover greenhouses, the barn temperature and outdoor flat in the morning and evening, at noon and 1 ℃ lower than the open;And the season of spring and autumn covered with black insect net, can achieve the effect of heat preservation, can effectively reduce frost.
4, Insect net can prevent part of the rain into the shed, reduce the field humidity, reduce the incidence, sunny days can reduce the moisture evaporation in the shed.

♦ The insect net directly covered in the shelf, around the earth or bricks pressed tightly compaction, on the net with pressure film thread buckle, leaving the front door uncovered.

♦  With bamboo pieces or steel bars bent into a small arch, inserted in the field check surface, the insect net over the arch frame, after watering directly poured on the net, until the harvest is not uncovered net, the   implementation of full closed coverage.

♦ Use horizontal scaffolding cover.Scope of application: seedling and cultivation of Chinese cabbage, cabbage, summer radish, cabbage, cauliflower, jacket, melon, bean and other vegetables in summer and autumn



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