Anti-hail Nets

Material:  100% Virgin High-density Polyethylene
Weight: 75 - 150 GMS
Net Weight: 50GSM, 70GSM.etc
Mesh Hole: 5cm or as Your Request
Width: 4- 8 Meter
Length: 100 Meter
Pack Type: Plastic Bag, Roll
Colour: Transparent, White.etc

1. Wind Protection
2. Less Water Needed
3. Less Sunburn
4. Shading Reduces Blister
5. Provides 13-15% Shade
6. Thermal Effect
7. Reduction in Spray Drift
1、Effectively control all kinds of hail, frost, rain and snow weather and prevent the harm of the weather
2、With light transmission, hailproof mesh moderate shading and so on
3、Reduce the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields, so as to produce high-quality and sanitary crops
4、Resist natural disasters such as storms and hail
5、It is widely used in the original seed production of vegetables and rapeseed as the introduction of pollen isolation, potato, flowers and other tissue culture after detoxification cover and pollution-free vegetables
Product Specification Sheetsa:

Anti Hail net

mesh size



unit weight

mesh thickness


3 mm x 7 mm

1.83m to 16.00m

100m to 1700m



white, black, green, customizable

1, column selection column is to support the framework of the grid and hail net, play a supporting role, it must have a strong, durable characteristics, can be used for more than 15 years.Can choose wooden pole, cement column and stone column 3 kinds of material.
2, network frame and the frame pad selection requirements erect, durable, good extensibility material production in Ф 12 wire or Ф 8-10 wire erection.Wear resistance and aging resistance are required for the frame pad, which can be made of old tires with a size of 15 cm 10cm
3, hail mesh material selection of hail mesh material requirements: 
(1) weight should be light, easy to set up;
(2) durable;
(3) cheap price;
(4) light effect is small.

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